Residential Drywall Maintenance Tips

Don’t Make It Look Dry

Drywall has a wide variety of applications. It’s robust, it can be altered to fit any design scheme, and it doesn’t break the bank. Drywall is a common building material and like any other building material, it needs periodic upkeep and repairs to be in good shape and serve its intended purpose. Below is a list of essential residential drywall maintenance tips for both new and long-term homeowners to handle the most frequent drywall difficulties.

Tip 1. Nails used in drywall sometimes pop out of wall studs or ceiling joists. When this occurs, you can take out the popped nails and replace them with brand-new screws. To finish, use drywall compound.

Tip 2. Water damage can be caused by anything from extreme precipitation to a plumbing leak. Before treating any signs of water damage, it is necessary to address the source of the problem. Repair any faulty plumbing, damaged roof, cracked gutters, downspouts, damaged pipes, or anything else that is causing the water damage. For minor surface damage, sand the affected area and apply a stain-resistant primer, followed by a drywall compound for concealment.

Tip 3. While many homeowners disregard small drywall holes, you don’t have to. They are relatively simple to repair. Attach a drywall maintenance plate to that specific hole, then conceal it with a coat of paint. Large drywall holes are often repaired by excavating the entire surrounding area. After removing the damaged area of drywall, a new piece will be installed and coated with joint compound and drywall tape. The repaired section of the wall is then painted to match the rest of the wall.

Tip 4. Normal stains on drywall can be removed by vacuuming or dusting the area first. Use a damp cellulose sponge to wipe clean your walls next. You can clean your stained walls with a mild soapy solution. Mold and mildew on your walls? Call a professional painter or drywall repairman for help.

Tip 5. Painting your drywall gives a layer of protection to your siding and removes surface imperfections. Mold and water damage are minimized when the surface is coated often. Additionally, paint can conceal minor hairline drywall flaws.

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