Professional Drywall Services for All Your Needs in Canton, GA!

If you are searching for quality drywall repair or installation services, our company can help you with your needs. We provide comprehensive drywall services and can help you with your residential or commercial project. Serving clients in Canton, GA, we can handle jobs of any size and meet your unique requirements. With 3rd Generation Drywall, you will enjoy outstanding results.

Our Professional Services

Residential Drywall Installation

Residential Drywall Installation
When you need to hire a drywall company to handle installation work in your home, give us a call! Our team will take care of every aspect of the job, from measuring and preparation to the installation and cleanup. They will recommend proper drywall for your specific needs and impress you with the exceptional results of their efforts. Contact us today!

Commercial Drywall Installation

Commercial Drywall Installation
You can hire our company if you need installation services for the drywall in your office or commercial facility. Our experts will examine the job, evaluate everything, and take care of your specific needs in the most timely and efficient manner possible. They will work hard to complete the job on time and meet any specific requirements you may have.

Residential Drywall Repair

Residential Drywall Repair
When it comes to fixing the damaged drywall in your home, we are the experts who will exceed your expectations. We will restore the damaged area using modern methods and achieve seamless results. With our assistance, your drywall will look like it was never damaged in the first place. Hire us, and you will rely on experienced and qualified drywall specialists!

Commercial Drywall Repair

Commercial Drywall Repair
Our company does all manner of drywall repair work for the commercial needs of its customers. We have the tools and skills necessary to fix all types of drywall and will impress you with the excellent results of our efforts. Contact our company and let us complete your project for you. We will handle all the repair work without any hassle and following any instructions you have.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Us?

Dedicated to its customers and working at competitive rates, 3rd Generation Drywall has been serving the local community since 1990, delivering solutions that epitomize all modern standards. We do it all, from handling drywall installation work to fixing damaged drywall. Moreover, we offer convenient specials to some of our customers. Call us for a quick consultation! We will answer all your questions.

What Do We Do?

We use professional-grade equipment for our work and strive to deliver a superb drywall service that will ensure the satisfaction of our customers. To achieve excellent results, we rely on experts who know how to approach and complete every job related to drywall promptly and efficiently. They will work with care and precision and finish your project on schedule and within your budget. All you have to do is call. We will handle the rest.

If you have a residential or commercial property in Canton, GA and want to hire a reliable drywall contractor, our company is the perfect choice for you. Call us today to learn more!

Client’s Testimonial

by Tracy Miller on 3rd Generation Drywall
Great service!!!!

Luke and his crew did a great job at fixing my drywall after my pipes burst. Very friendly and quick service!! They had my repairs done in 2 days. Highly recommend this company!!!!

Brian Dance
Brian Dance
Luke and his crews did a great job! The hangers had everything installed in my basement (700 sq. ft) in about 3 hours and the finishers made multiple trips to mud and sand everything multiple times. My basement looks great!

3rd Generation Drywall
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Phone: (770) 377-4219

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