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Facts About Drywall and Drywall Services

Drywall was developed as an alternative to plaster walls in the early 1900s. Since its introduction, drywall has dominated the construction business as the preferred wallboard. Despite the fact that the majority of people live in homes with residential drywall and work in offices with commercial drywall, few people are familiar with the material. Here are some drywall and drywall service facts that might be beneficial for your future drywall repair chores:

The “Dry” in Drywall Refers to its Installation

Most walls were made of plaster laid over wood strips called laths before drywall was introduced. When the lime or gypsum plaster was applied, it was damp. Drywall, on the other hand, is available in huge, prefabricated sheets. While drywall requires wet joint compound between sheets to smooth out gaps after installation, the wall is “dry” when installed.

Drywall is a Product of Mining

Gypsum is the primary component of drywall. Gypsum rocks are mined, crushed, and combined with water and chemicals to form drywall. To remove the water, the gypsum slurry is poured over the backing material and dried. The gypsum board that results is mold and fire resistant. Drywall is quite inexpensive because to the abundance of gypsum.

Drywall is Easy to Maintain

One of the benefits of drywall over plaster walls is that it is relatively straightforward for a drywall services provider to repair. Furthermore, drywall can be painted by interior painting contractors once it has been placed. Specifically, drywall is fastened to the interior structure of a home using drywall screws in huge panels. Corner bead is applied to the corners of the walls and joints are taped. Over the joints, corners, and screw heads, a few coats of joint compound are applied. The joint compound is sanded once it has cured. Residential interior painting services can paint the drywall once it has been sanded. All varieties of interior paint are compatible with drywall.

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