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What You Need to Know About Drywalling

If you want to finish up a room in your home, drywalling is an excellent option. Drywall, also known as sheetrock and gypsum board, is a material used for constructing walls and ceilings. It provides durability and creates smooth surfaces that look professional when painted or wallpapered. Hiring the best drywall contractor can help you ensure a successful end result. Read on to learn more about how drywalling works and what materials and tools you need for the job.

Materials needed

Drywall is available in several thicknesses, lengths, and widths. It’s typically sold in 4×8-foot sheets, but you can also get 10-foot sheets in some areas. You’ll need to purchase enough drywall to cover the entire project, plus a few extra pieces in case of measurement errors or damage. Along with the drywall itself, you’ll need joint compound (or “mud”), tape, screws, and other necessary tools and materials.

Tools needed

To install drywall, you’ll need various tools such as a utility knife, tape measure, stud finder, level, and a screw gun. You’ll also need buckets for mixing joint compound and a trowel for applying it. If the room has corners that are not 90 degrees, you may need to invest in a corner bead for creating sharper angles. You should also pick up some sandpaper and a handheld sander to smooth the surface after taping and mudding.

Hanging drywall

Once your materials and tools are ready, you can start hanging the drywall. Start by measuring the space and cutting the drywall pieces to fit. Then, use screws or nails to attach them to the studs in the wall frame. Make sure you countersink the nails or screws so they don’t stick out through the other side of the drywall. After all of your sheets are hung, it’s time to start taping and mudding.

Taping and finishing

Taping is the process of covering the joints between two pieces of drywall with a thin layer of paper or fiberglass tape. This helps create a seamless surface by filling in any gaps or cracks between the sheets. A joint compound, also known as “mud,” is then applied to the tape. This is spread evenly over the tape with a trowel and allowed to dry before sanding. Once you’ve finished sanding, your drywall will be ready for painting or wallpapering.

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